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An Honest Alternative.

My work isn't cheap when you compare it to something you might find at a big box store, but it is honest, and it is clean. I only use FSC certified woods from local suppliers, and everything I sell is made right here by these two hands. No human rights issues, no toxins, and no guilt. I know I'll never get rich doing this, but that's not my goal.

I founded SIDD in my spare time in 2008, selling both large and small pieces, worldwide. I also did quite a bit of custom carpentry for some unconventional renovation and build projects. The large pieces in my repertoire got a lot of attention - we were even featured in magazines like Men's Journal, Prestige Design, and Docol - but shipping something as large as a bookshelf or dresser to the other side of the world just wasn't practical, or cost-effective.

So, I am now selling only small pieces, and making myself available for design commissions for everything else. If you're interested in hiring me to design something unique for your own brand, or buying the rights to any of my current large designs (like Domino, for example) just let me know.

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