Product Showcase
Custom One-Off Commissions

While all of our products are customizable, we also offer design and production of pieces that are completely unique, and not offered for sale to others.

Many of our customers come to us with collections of photos of other products they like, wanting to merge features from each into something unique. Some present us with sketches and drawings for something they've thought up on their own, and still others come to us with a blank canvas, looking for something they can't quite define.

We are more than happy to design and build a custom piece based on your own inspiration, and limit its sale to you exclusively.

All SIDD products are made to order and to your specifications.

We also create private and white label products for small business owners who want to launch their own brand, with confidentiality attached - but do keep in mind, that even bulk orders are made in-house and by hand. By their nature, our products are exclusive and require time to craft.


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